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June 2015

CAN-MNCH ACTIVITIES1. CAN-MNCH Annual Symposium Call for Proposals – July 132. #PoliticsAside Event with Bono3. UN Secretary-General Leaders’ Retreat4. CAN-MNCH Response to G7 Summit Leaders’ Declaration5. Steering Committee Chair Transition6. […]

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CAN-MNCH Meets with Bono in Ottawa

Bono visited Ottawa yesterday, to meet with the leaders of the Conservative, Liberal and NDP parties to discuss Canada’s role in international development. ONE Canada and Engineers Without Borders took […]

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Miara Combarri: Burkina Faso

Miara’s story  On a hot day at the CREN (Centre for Recuperation and Nutrition Education) hospital, the ACF team was notified that a severely malnourished child will be coming in […]

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CAN-MNCH Responds to G7 Leaders’ Declaration

The Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health applauds the commitment of the 2015 G7 Summit Leaders’ Declaration to ending preventable child deaths and improving women’s health. It also […]