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The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) catalyzes Canadian collaboration among 100 Partners who are improving women’s and children’s health in 1,000 communities worldwide. We do this by capitalizing on the data revolution, connecting experts, and communicating impact to stakeholders. Through the power of partnership, we strive to realize a world where every women and children survives and thrives.



The Power of Partnership: Organizations you know, united together and working alongside women and children around the globe for their right to survive and thrive.



We connect, collaborate and communicate to strengthen our members’ work in reproductive, maternal, newborn, adolescent and children’s health. In planning, in the field, in sharing expertise, our members know they can do more and do it even better together!


History of the Canadian Partnership

At the Canadian-led 2010 Muskoka Initiative,leaders from Canadian organizations that are focused on maternal, newborn and child health, came together at a roundtable hosted by the Honourable Minister of International Cooperation. These leaders saw an opportunity for increased collaboration to improve accountability and effectiveness. Dr. Dorothy Shaw and Rosemary McCarney led the effort to bring together non-governmental organizations, academics and health practitioners to form the Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. In 2016, the organization was renamed the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health to reflect a global shift in lexicon surrounding women’s and children’s health with a focus on sexual and reproductive health and adolescent health. The new name also reflects the Canadian Partnership’s alignment with the Every Woman, Every Child Global Strategy of Women’s Children’s and Adolescent Health.



Since 2010, the Canadian Partnership, led by  an esteemed Board of Directors, as well as three peer-nominated Working Groups have focused on the core pillars of Knowledge Exchange, Measuring Results and Stakeholder Engagement. CanWaCH has seen significant accomplishments, including a steady growth in Partners, the establishment of a Metrics Portal to track impact globally, landmark funding announcements including $3.5 billion from Canada for MNCH from 2015-2020 and involvement in global events including the United Nations General Assembly. CanWaCH Partners are working together every day to end all preventable deaths of women, newborn and child around the world.


How We Work

We capitalize on the data revolution to strengthen monitoring and evaluation and data-driven policy engagement.

We connect experts to leverage the power of partnership, providing access to knowledge and resources to strengthen impact.

We communicate impact to stakeholders to improve programming and policy, profile results, and ensure accountability to women and children.


Every One Matters: Investing in the Health of Women and Children to Achieve Agenda 2030; A Roadmap for Canadian Leadership