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CanWaCH in the Field: Guatemala, August 2017

Photo of Alli Bunting

CanWaCH Policy and Governance Officer Alli Bunting is on a special work trip in Guatemala during the month of August visiting the project sites of Horizons of Friendship, a CanWaCH member […]

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CanWaCH Conference Youth Council Member on the London Family Planning Summit

Photo of Canadian Delegation to FP 2020

By: Cassandra Morris, Healthbridge Foundation of Canada The Family Planning Summit held in London on July 11th 2017, was an opportunity for the international community to follow up on the progress […]

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Project in the Spotlight: Healthy Child Uganda

by Dr. Jenn Brenner, Teddy Kyomuhangi and Ayah Muftah, Healthy Child Uganda An HCU Overview Healthy Child Uganda (HCU) is a partnership between Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Canadian […]

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The Importance of Information & Access for Adolescent Girls

Born On Time empowers women and adolescent girls with reproductive and sexual health information and access to quality health services A staggering 16 million girls aged 15 to 19 give […]

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Armed to the teeth: The case for foreign aid

Does increased security spending increase security? On  February  22, President Trump proposed a US$54 billion increase in defence and security spending. This increase will come, in part, from a reported […]