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We are excited to launch our new Project Explorer, which allows users to explore Canadian overseas financial commitments to women and children’s health using Official Open Data. Users can filter data by country and by sector, explore more detailed information about specific projects, and download raw data.

The Project Explorer is a collaboration between CanWaCH and the Canadian International Development Platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data are covered by this tool? 

The Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) Project Explorer leverages near real-time commitment level, dis-aggregated data to provide a snapshot of Canada’s current and ongoing financial commitment to RMNCH. At this stage, the tool covers only official aid data as reported by Global Affairs Canada. It does not cover funding from other sources, even if the funding may be applied to the same projects.

How was the data put together? 

The tool leverages two data feeds: Canada’s publication to the IATI registry (IATI XML) and Project Browser raw data (XML). The tool applies the new OECD-DAC RMNCH policy marker valuation methodology to IATI data as a starting point. Users are strongly advised to first review the Technical and Methodological Note (December 2016) also available in French: Note technique et méthodologique sur l’explorateur SMNE.

What do the data show? 

All data are reflective of the date of last update and are in Canadian dollars (CAD$). In the case of IATI XML data, the default view shows the total value (CAD$) of all currently active RMNCH projects(i.e. projects with end dates in 2016 or beyond) on the date of last update, which is: October 23, 2016. In the case of the Project Browser data, the default view shows all projects classified as “operational” on the date of last update, which is: September 23, 2016. 

The total value of all RMNCH projects (regardless of when they started but are reported as operational, or having end dates in 2016 or beyond, as on the date of last update) is approx. CAD$ 2.6 billion.

The total value of projects started in 2015 and 2016 is approximately CAD$ 1.3 billion.

What can you do with the tool and how to use it? 

This tool leverages official aid data feeds as reported by Global Affairs Canada. These feeds are better thought of as point-in-time transparency to facilitate coordination and or donor management, as opposed to statistical data to use in analytics (like in a regression). That said, the tool can be used to: 

  • Analyze current and ongoing commitment levels by country.
  • Analyze commitments by RMNCH sub-sectors. Compare sub-sectors and countries.
  • Analyze which Canadian, international, civil society, multilateral, governmental partners are active in RMNCH projects across countries and RMNCH sub-sectors (subject to availability).
  • Export raw data for deeper analysis.

Basic navigation and filtering

  • Select a country using the graph to focus on a specific country – the data will sort and limit to the selection
  • Use the filter boxes to focus on a specific country and or sector – the filters are inclusive, i.e. selecting a sector will limit data to only that sector on the map, selecting a country will focus the data on the country and sector selected
  • At any time hit “Reset” to reset the view to default 
  • Use the toggle to switch between Project Browser data and IATI data


Raw data and data export

  • The project window (bottom table) by default holds all the data
  • Data can be exported to a spreadsheet, after applying filters (this is advisable as otherwise the file may be too large)
  • Raw data are available from a linked version on the Canadian International Development Platform

Learn more 

For more information, users can review the Technical and Methodological Note (December 2016) . The tool and the data covered should be interpreted within the confines of the applied methodology which is outlined in detail in the note.