Canadian Collaborative for Global Health

CanWaCH, with support from Global Affairs Canada, is proud to launch the first Canadian Collaborative for Global Health (the Collaborative).

Over the next two years, the Collaborative will bring together Canadian and global partners to generate solutions to urgent data challenges in global health and gender equality. This effort is rooted in a feminist approach to creating lasting change and will enable Canada to meaningful progress towards the SDGs.

The Labs 

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights: generating evidence and strengthening country capacity

Harmonized health impact and research partnership metrics to accelerate knowledge sharing and utilization

Collecting data on sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian settings: A global initiative

Maximizing use of existing data to strengthen program design, evaluation, and impact

Improving Gender Equality and Nutrition Data for Women, Children and Adolescent Girls

Improving the measurement of sexual and reproductive health and rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality in humanitarian settings

How is the Collaborative unique?

The name ‘Collaborative’ has been given to underscore the belief that success comes from connection and mutual support. While CanWaCH will be engaging individual ‘Labs’ to tackle various projects, they will not be disconnected; rather they will be supported by CanWaCH and each other. In this way, CanWaCH is working to build the capacity of our Lab partners to meet the future challenges of 2020-2030.

Core Objectives

  • Investigate the underlying barriers to effective data progress in areas of global health and gender equality;
  • Incubate useful solutions and effective partnerships to address these challenges; and
  • Inspire and train the next generation of Canadian leadership in global health and gender equality metrics.

Collaborative Feminist Values

  • Participatory & Transparent: Each Lab is co-designed with diverse stakeholders, including in-country partners. Work is shared openly. “Nothing about us, without us”

  • Co-created & User-Driven: Areas of inquiry must be driven by, and created together with, our members and communities. Feminist approaches must inform every level of research and inquiry. As such, we are not prescribing the specific areas of inquiry or countries of focus at the outset, but CanWaCH is an engaged member of the team

  • Action-Oriented & Change-Driven: Provides supportive network & amplified resources, rather than reinforcing disconnection. Focused on building-capacity, and creating tools for change – knowledge is created for the explicit purpose of social change

  • Inclusive & Intersectional: Examines how intersecting identities influence work, and values diverse ways of knowing and learning Investigates outcome-level issues, including systemic and societal barriers and influencers

For more information about the Collaborative, please contact Jessica Ferne, Director of Global Health Impact, at

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