CanWaCH Strategic Planning 2020 - 2025

For the past five years, CanWaCH made consistent efforts to achieve our vision as identified in our Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020. Through the power of partnership, CanWaCH aimed to realize a world where every woman, adolescent and child survives and thrives. We did this by capitalizing on the data revolution, connecting experts, and communicating impact to stakeholders. 

The completion of the 5-year plan coincides with the end of our 5-year Global Affairs Canada Contribution Agreement (2015-2020). Led by the Board of Directors, in Fall 2019, CanWaCH launched a 6-month member and stakeholder engagement plan to identify strategic priorities in a new five-year (2020-2025) Strategic Plan. A Global Affairs Canada Mid-Term Evaluation, Key Informant Interviews with approximately 40 stakeholders, 10 Focus Groups with representatives of Working Groups and our staff, and a Board and Staff retreat, informed a draft Strategic Plan. 

We believe strongly in the importance of engaging our community and are now seeking feedback from our Members as we work towards the development of our priorities. The input we receive through your engagements is invaluable in guiding our discussions and informing our decision-making process.

To provide input, please review the draft Strategic Plan and respond to the following questions before February 27. 

Question 1: Please provide your general comments on the mission, vision and values. 
Question 2: Please provide your general comments on each of the Strategic Objectives: 

  • Advancing Thought Leadership; 
  • Generating Evidence; and
  • Deepening Partnerships

Question 3: What is missing from this Strategic Plan? 
Question 4: How do you see your individual role or organization reflected in this plan? 

Your responses should be be emailed to