Co-Lab: Maximizing Use of Existing Data to Strengthen Program Design, Evaluation, & Impact

Maximizing use of existing data to strengthen program design, evaluation, and impact

This Lab will test the feasibility and validity of using existing data to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of program design, evaluation and impact. The objectives are to:

  1. Investigate the validity of using publically-available data to complement or replace project-collected data to inform the design and evaluation of projects.
  2. Develop, pilot-test and adapt guidelines on the use of publicly available data, in collaboration with partner organizations, to:
    • Determine their effectiveness and feasibility.
    • Create user-friendly guidelines to inform the work of NGOs.
  3. Increase the use of high quality, publically available data to inform program design, implementation, evaluation and learning.
  4. Increase the capacity of researchers, NGOs and in-country leaders to collect, analyse, and utilize publicly available data to meet their baseline data needs.

Lead Partners

health bridge foundation of canada
carleton university




university of montreal

Global Partners

University of Montreal, TRANSNUT (Canada)

Mzuzu University (Malawi)

HealthBridge Vietnam (Vietnam)

International Nepal Fellowship (Nepal)

Centre for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (Canada)

Catholic Relief Services in Haiti (Haiti)

Countries of Work

  • Nepal
  • Vietnam
  • Malawi
  • Haiti