An Educational Guide to Canada’s Leadership in Global Health

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Games and Activities for Youth of All Ages 

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Forced to Fight by the Canadian Red Cross: An interactive online game designed for ages 13-18. Gain a greater understanding of humanitarian issues and international law and experience what it‘s like for young people living amid armed conflict around the world.



Village of Hope by Plan International Canada: A series of five lesson plans for students to learn about issues facing some of the world’s most vulnerable: children. The topics covered are child protection, education, health, poverty, and water.



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Nzango Game by World Vision Canada: A traditional game from the Democratic Republic of the Congo that teaches students what it’s like to live with a disability in a developing country.



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(Mom and) Pop Quiz: Gender Equality and Global Health by Aga Khan Foundation Canada: How much do you know about gender equality, health and global development? Take this quiz on Kahoot! to find out and use this discussion guide to take the conversation further.



Forced to Flee: A Simulation On Decision-Making During Conflict and Migration by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank: In this activity, participants work together in “family units” making difficult decisions to maintain their supply of food, money, and health while securing their future post-conflict. 



Dream Season (comic book) by Canadian Feed the Children: Like you, Esther dreams of a better world. Even when challenges seem insurmountable, Esther is there to see things just a little bit differently. Learn how poverty affects children and the power of education. 




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How much do you know about emergencies around the world (quiz) by Care Canada: Whether it’s a natural disaster or conflict, the last decade has been no stranger to emergencies. Test your knowledge to see just how informed you are when it comes to emergencies around the world. 



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Vaccinator Quest by ONE: Do you have what it takes to deliver vaccines to some of the world's hardest to reach communities?




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Free resources and activities made for families by World Vision CanadaIn the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis, we want to support Canadian families adjusting to a new normal. 




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Kids Hub by Save the Children Canada: Here, you can find fun activities, tips and resources designed for children and families. 


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