CanWaCH Annual General Meeting 2017

Canadian Partnership for Women and Children's Health (CanWaCH) Annual General Meeting 2017

The Power of Partnership: Collaborate. Connect. Communicate.

CanWaCH was delighted to host its Members in Ottawa, ON on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 for a unique and powerful AGM. Below you can find all of the related AGM resources. We will also keep this page updated with post-event content.

Download the 2017 CanWaCH AGM Agenda  

What if we unleashed the true power of partnership? 

We could chart the path to a world where women, children, and adolescents have their right to health respected and fulfilled regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much money they may or may not have.

There is much work to do.

You are invited to what may be the most remarkable, roll up your sleeves and get down-to-business AGM you’ve ever attended! People will remember it with a sense of beginning. It will be an event like none other.

On November 1, we invite you into experiencing new processes for building relationships, connecting to the resources in the room, getting the support you need, and stepping into your deepest wishes for your work. We will create a strengthened and connected community. Using deep democracy practices, we will navigate creative tensions and have the opportunity to break down the silos and obstacles to realize our shared intentions.

As an alternative to panel presentations and workshops, we will embark on a participatory journey into the discovery of how much power we already have to make the change we would like to see in very tangible ways. You will experience the thrill, challenge and limitations inherent in true agency.

By the end of the day, attendees will have had the chance to share stories with others, intimately hear different perspectives, understand the diversity in our movement, and design a path forward in partnership with others. The experience is challenging, fun, sometimes frustrating, and, incredibly productive. You will walk away with lessons learned and things to do (if you want).

As an added feature and convenience, the 2017 CanWaCH AGM is being held at the same location and adjacent to (the day after) the annual Canadian Conference on Global Health: Leaving no one behind? Reflections for action in a change world.

Lead-Up Engagement

In advance of the in-person event, we invited attendees to join us on live and interactive calls to learn a democratic collaborative facilitation style and to find out more about we have planned for November 1. You can read all about these exciting calls and listen to the audio recordings here

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