Dialogue with Mariam Claeson - Global Financing Facility

Join Mariam Claeson, Director of the Global Financing Facility (GFF), for a dialogue with civil society organizations in Ottawa on Feburary 20th! 

Event invitation


Mariam will provide a short introduction on the GFF model, including important updates such as information on where they currently stand with their work in 26 countries, including transition countries and a large number of fragile contexts.

The dialogue will be interactive and attendees are encouraged to participate, including on how civil society organizations are engaging in the context of the Canadian G7 Presidency. There will also be a focus on capturing guidance on how-to engage the Canadian government in GFF replenishment

Questions are highly welcome and please feel free to send in questions ahead of the event to ensure they are included in the discussion.

To register and to send in questions, please contact Kristiana Bruneau at kristiana (at) results-resultats.ca.