Webinar: Action Area Consultation

Join us for our upcoming Action Area Online Consultation webinar on November 8th at 2:00 pm EST to learn how you, our Mobilizers, will identify the legacies (outcomes) that we collectively want to see come out of Women Deliver 2019 for each of the Mobilization’s three Action Areas.

To join us, just complete these simple steps:

  1. Let us know which Action Area(s) you want to work on. Just fill out this quick and easy form
  2. Register for the webinar. Please note that only Mobilizers that have filled out the Action Area form are eligible to take part in the online consultation

During the webinar, you will learn exactly how the consultation will be conducted and why it is so important for Mobilizers to participate.

We recognize that most Mobilizers already have campaigns and different objectives. But by being able to demonstrate our collective voice of hundreds of Mobilizers-- and hundreds of thousands of Canadians-- we are far more likely to get decision-makers in all sectors to commit to improving Canadian leadership on gender equality. Together, we can move beyond an agenda of awareness raising to one of concrete action!

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