Get More Girls in the Game: Leadership Workshop

get more girls in the game: leadership workshop

A Conversation about Girls Empowerment and Using Your Leadership Skills to Improve Health and Nutrition 

Despite more and more champions for girls in sport like Hayley, millions of girls around the world are kept “out of the game” - sport, education, a fulfilling career - because they don’t have access to good health and nutrition.

Nominate two players from your team to join our interactive leadership workshop: "Get More Girls in the Game". The workshop will help players take action to empower other girls, while also developing their own leadership skills. The objective of this workshop is to help girls recognize their influence and how to use it intentionally. They will feel inspired by the personal experiences of the speakers and will be asked to question the true meaning of the word leadership.

Who can attend?

Each coach is asked to select two girls from their team in advance of the tournament to participate in this workshop. Representatives will have to exhibit the characteristics of community leadership and the ability to inspire and motivate others. There will be a total of 100-120 participants.

What will the workshop consist of?

The workshop will begin with a discussion led by 3 female panellists (speaker bios to be released soon!). The discussion will be facilitated by a leading advocate for the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls (facilitator bio to be released soon!). Following the panel, participants will break into groups to discuss topics further with the help of an experienced facilitator. Groups will then report back to the larger group and share their learnings.

We invite you to add your team's voice to the growing movement for girls empowerment by identifying two girls from your team to participate in this unique experience. The deadline to RSVP your team's participants is November 9th, 2018.




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Winsport Arena
Calgary, AB
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