Gender Equality Working Group

The Gender Equality Working Group will provide advice and support to CanWaCH staff and will provide leadership within the broader CanWaCH partnership. This advice and leadership will be focused on:

  • Encouraging collaboration across CanWaCH membership to advance shared objectives on gender equality and health

  • Creating opportunities for dialogue among CanWaCH members and associates to build common ground, increasing leadership on best and innovative practices to advance gender equality and health

  • Providing input into mapping gender equality capacity across CanWaCH membership, identifying strengths, challenges and opportunities for learning and collaboration

  • Participating in and leading gender equality learning opportunities, including workshops and online tools focused on gender transformative approaches

  • Advising on the development of principles of gender equality and health for the CanWaCH network, in consultation with CanWaCH members and associates

  • Exploring emerging opportunities for joint research, learning and advocacy on gender equality and health.

  • Working with other CanWaCH working groups to ensure issues related to gender equality is a cross-cutting lens applied to all CanWaCH work.

Terms of Reference

Group Members

Sophie Bourdon

Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement 

Andrea Papan Independent Consultant
Cassandra Morris Independent Consultant
Jeanine Cudmore Primate's World Relief and Development Fund 
Jennifer Donville Independent Consultant
Saifullah Chaudhry (Ph.D.)  Plan International Canada 
Elizabeth Dyke

Independent Health and Social Development Consultant

Juanita Gnanapragasam University of Alberta School of Public Health
Julia Falco Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Merydth Holte-McKenzie World Vision Canada
Morag Elizabeth Humble

Alinea International

Dominique LaRochelle Save the Children Canada
Rebecca Brodmann Healthbridge Foundation of Canada
Alison Riddle Gavi
Jennifer Savidge CowaterSogema International Inc.
Claudia Schauer

SickKids Centre for Global Child Health

Paula Richardson   Salanga
Sindy Zemura-Bernard Southern Africa Embrace Foundation
Melina Kalamandeen Independent Consultant
Naima Chowdhury

Action Against Hunger

Nathalie Rainville

Global Affairs Canada

Nikou Salamat

Global Affairs Canada

Julia Cabassi

Independent Consultant 

Samantha Ash UNICEF Canada
Genevieve Nemouthe Care Canada
Sherry Leonard

ADRA Canada