Global Health Impact

CanWaCH shines a spotlight on the inspiring and critically important work that members and associates are undertaking around the world.

It is our mission to improve data collection, aggregation, and analysis in order to strengthen programming and ensure Canada’s investment in the health and rights of women and children leaves no one behind. We achieve this mission by connecting and showcasing experts, undertaking unique programming rooted in innovative partnership models, and by providing virtual platforms and products that tell the story of Canadian leadership.

We strive to amplify the dedicated efforts of Canadian leaders who are contributing across multiple fronts, including researchers, implementers, programmers, advocates and policy-makers. Together, our strength lies in the uncharted gains to be made when we work collaboratively to realize a world where women, children, and adolescents everywhere have the opportunity to thrive.

Check out the following tools and resources to improve data collection, aggregation and analysis in order to strengthen global health and gender equality programming. 

CanWaCH Metrics Working Group

Strengthening accountability for improved results.

Key Performance Indicators 

Track and monitor global health impact and trends in gender equality including from the Government of Canada.


Funding opportunities for data-related innovation and impact in global health and gender equality. 

Learning Series 

Knowledge exchange and practical capacity-building experiences.


Resources related to global health impact generated by CanWaCH members and associates.