CanWaCH Learning Series

CanWaCH undertakes responsive convening and training of its members and partners with the ultimate goal of supporting members’ global health and gender equality activities. There is significant knowledge and expertise within our member organizations and the Learning Series offers a comprehensive and purpose-driven sequence of learning opportunities for members, associates and the global health community designed to foster knowledge exchange and offer practical capacity-building experiences across a consistent schedule. 

Click play below to access the full playlist of 2019 learning sessions:

Themes and Cross-Cutting Issues

The selection of Learning Series themes is informed by CanWaCH’s 2018 and 2019 Member Surveys and the 2018 Gender Equality Capacity Mapping Survey, along with event and learning opportunity evaluations and feedback. We endeavour to ensure our learning offerings are responsive to and reflexive of our members’ and associates’ needs. 

Given what we’ve heard from members, overarching themes for the coming year will include:

Specific focus areas that will intersect with these themes include:

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Future of evaluation 
  • Data tools
  • Hard to measure 
  • Rights-based feminist approaches to data

Gender Equality

  • Gender Transformative Approaches (includes: Results-Based Analysis (RBA), Feminist Monitoring & Evaluation, Results-Based Management (RBM), Case Studies, Program Design and Decision-Making Principles)
  • Gender-Based Analysis