Centre de cooperation internationale en sante et developpement (CCISD)

CCISD is a Quebec-City based NGO specialized in developing and implementing international health projects. Working closely with key stakeholders, CCISD's efforts focus on supporting stronger health systems providing better services to all (primary health care, MNCH with a focus on SRSH, HIV prevention, epidemiological surveillance), building capacity, and supporting community-based organizations in their efforts to improve the health of their communities. Recognizing health as a basic human right, CCISD is strongly committed to women, adolescent and children's health and gender equality. For the past 30 years, thanks to partners and experts in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, CCISD has been leading foundation-building actions with lasting results. CCISD is currently present in West Africa (various countries), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Bolivia.

Pavillon de l'Est, 2180, Chemin Sainte-Foy, 3e _tage
Quebec, QC
G1V 0A6

Phone: 1 418 656-5525


Ericka L. Moerkerken
Project Manager
418 656-5525 x 7801
Robert Beaudry
General manager
418 656-7725