Réseau francophone international pour la promotion de la sante (RÉFIPS) - section des Ameriques

A non-profit organization whose mission is to create a network of the professionals who work in health promoting, with the aim of strengthening all countries of La Francophonie. Developing skills in health promotion, coaching governance and supporting projects for introducing various strategies from the Ottawa Charter (whose public policies are conducive to health, physical and social environments conducive to health, the strengthening of individual potential, the development of community action), and integrated health-promotion strategies (e.g. École en santé [healthy schools], Villes et villages en santé [healthy cities and towns], Municipalités amies des aînés [senior-friendly municipalities], Entreprises en santé [healthy municipalities]), are its main lines of action. Reducing social inequalities in health, including those related to gender, is a central goal of health promotion.

4529, rue Clark, bureau 102
Montréal, QC



Lucie Lemieux
Présidente du conseil d'administration
514 937-1227 x 228
Sarah Chaput