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Welcome to the resource hub for the Project Explorer! Canadians and their partners have a huge impact worldwide when it comes to international development, humanitarian response and human rights. The Project Explorer provides the most comprehensive set of information on this global impact through interactive maps, visuals and detailed project data.

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Webinar Recording

Data Sharing for Future Sector Growth

On May 27, 2020, CanWaCH collaborated with Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) for a discussion on how data sharing can support operations and rapid response. This practical learning session showed participants how they can use, and contribute to, tools like the Project Explorer and HDX tools. 

Download the presentation slides here 

View the webinar by section:


A. Welcome and Agenda - Antu Hossain, Global Impact Officer, CanWaCH


A. David Megginson, Standards Lead, Standards for Humanitarian Data

B. Jessica Ferne, Director of Global Health Impact, CanWaCH

PART 3. Q&ADavid Megginson, Jessica Ferne, Antu Hossain

PART 4. CONCLUDING REMARKS - Antu Hossain, Global Impact Officer, CanWaCH