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Individuals may apply to be CanWaCH Associates, and are encouraged to fill out the Associate Application Form here

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I confirm that the organization I represent meets the following criteria
  • Is based, and has an operational presence, in Canada, with Canadian-based staff
  • Conducts programming, policy development, research, or advocacy work either within Canada or abroad in the field of women’s and children's health
  • Is engaged in global health efforts related to women’s and children’s health, including sexual and reproductive health rights, adolescent health, and maternal, newborn and child health in low or middle income countries or humanitarian or fragile contexts
  • Works according to principles of achieving gender equality, supporting gender equity, realizing human rights, and eliminating all forms of discrimination
  • Is willing to provide and share programmatic information with CanWaCH to improve evidence-informed programming and amplify advocacy for women and children’s health within the sector
  • Adheres to CanWaCH mission and bylaws
  • Will pay annual membership fee in full, as determined by the CanWaCH Board of Directors and ratified by members.
I agree to abide by the following responsibilities of membership
  • Commitment to collaboration and sharing of information for the benefit of other members of the network
  • Commitment to improving the lives of women and children
  • Participation in CanWaCH governance, including attendance at AGM (or designation of proxy)
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